5 Advantages of A Kitchen Island


An island counter usually creates a focal point, especially in an open kitchen layout. This focal point helps to remove the attention from the main kitchen area which tends to be more practical and less sightly. Playing with materials here gives contrast which adds a cool touch to the house.


One of the biggest advantage of a kitchen island is the amount of space you have while cooking, especially if you like to have your ingredients laid out beforehand. This wide area of working space will also be extremely useful for bakers out there!


Kitchen islands are usually add-ons and requires to be built – this gives freedom to choose exactly how it will utilise your kitchen at best. There are plenty of ways you may want to use it – it can be a good spot for a wine fridge, built-in ovens and even bins.


One of the ideas that we love the most is to integrate  casual seating, perfect for when you want to have breakfast or a quick meal. It may also be a good idea to integrate your dining area as well!

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Image Source: Pinterest

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