How Rugs Can Transform Your Space


An area rug enhances the scale of the room, and it also has the ability of pulling a space together. This is especially applicable to living and dining areas. Do not be afraid to invest on larger rugs - ones that are large enough to fit most of your furniture in that particular area.


Round rugs welcome change from the conventional rectilinear nature of our surroundings and helps to make a small space appear larger. It is also ideal to use them to create cozy corners.


To add a little more interest or define your space a little more by layering area rugs on top of each other. It can add a little more color and pattern and  a particular great trick to elongate a room is by having both rugs laid out in opposite directions.


If you think rugs are a lot of fuss - think again. Outdoor rugs are trending lately with nicer patterns and prints, which is great for indoor use. Due to its nature of water resistance and non-slip properties, they are a lot easier to handle if you are afraid that it may attract dust and might be less kid & animal friendly.

Interested to create your own rug?

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